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About Gilbert Candelaria

Hello, my name is Gilbert, thank you for taking time to visit my website. Junk-a-licious Art, formerly Candelaria's Art is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and this area is truly the Land Of Enchantment. As you can tell by my art---I truly have fun creating my art as well as going out finding these discarded, trashed objects. I like to think of these objects as my blank canvases.

I always strive to create art that will make people Smile, go WOW! and shake their heads in amazement and inspire them. And hopefully they will never look at mundane objects the same again.

Being a self-taught artist, I incorporate blacksmithing, metal working, welding, airbrushing and spray-paint techniques. But my biggest skill is Thinking outside the box?. And never think I can't when I'm creating.
I find the raw materials at various venues: swap-meets, garage sales, thrift stores, things thrown along the road, etc..

"2021 Mailbox Journey. I've had to Adapt to our Covid Madness, So I'm creating new business Repair and Replacing Mailboxs. Message me for more Details or Create Your Custom Mailbox."

Welding classes are still open just send me a message for class dates. All dependent on my festival calendar. No class during COVID 19.

January 2021. Will be offering welding classes. message me for dates. Waiting for COVID to pass.

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